About The Author

About The Author
I help people discover the Bible and pass it to the next generation.
I live in Tennessee with my wonderful wife, Lori and two amazing sons, Payton and Peter. You can visit my personal blog here.

I am the General Manager of Reading For Education, an educational fundraising company. I oversees daily operations and marketing.

Christian education is very important to me. For nine years, I served as a board member for Providence Christian Academy, a growing Christian and classical school with over 350 students.

I have a BA in Biblical Studies from Liberty University with additional studies in business and psychology. I am also certified in internet marketing and social media.

Additional Information and Links:

Email: TheMikeJThomas@gmail.com

Blog: Mike J Thomas

Author of the 3-Hour Bible

Board Member of Providence Christian Academy

Attend World Outreach Church

General Manager of Reading For Education

Education: Liberty University,  The King’s Academy

Certified in Internet Marketing Fundamentals.

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